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Packing Lists

2 weeks in Europe

2 adults, 1 20-month-old, 2005

Rented a car and car seat in Germany through an international company, online.  Got exactly what we expected.  We rode the train and the metro with her in our laps.

  • L.L. Bean Women's Hiking Backpack - (fit in the overhead) - this bag had so many openings, I could access just about anything, without unpacking it.  Awesome.

    • 2 changes of clothes each, dark.
    • diapers.  wipes.  more of each than we thought we'd use.
    • small toiletries bag. 
    • Ergo baby carrier (soft backpack)
    • ipod loaded with nursery rymes, and portable speaker/player. (we forgot a charger & converter plugs though, natch)
    • Snacks.
    • Big bottles of water, purchased near the gate.
    • Sippy cups.
    • 4 Small toys, still in child-proof wrappings… each took at least 20 minutes to open, and then another 10-15 minutes to play with.  We then hid them and re-wrapped them later.
    • More reusable "sticker books". Personal favorites are Thomas the Tank Engine and Where the Wild Things Are.
    • small toddler's etch-a-sketch.
    • crayons & paper.
    • personal travel items/documents we weren't carrying in our pockets.
    • cameras.

  • Dress Bag (checked)
    • clothes for the wedding.  And for an anniversary night out in Paris.
    • regular clothes

  • Large LL Bean rolling duffel (checked)
    • folding pack-n-play
    • Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat
    • 2 stuffed animals that she selected
    • light blanket
    • shoes
    • sweaters/rain gear

  • Diaper Bag (fit under the seat)
    • more diapers, snacks, water.
    • - 3 small lightweight books, to be swapped out with books in the backpack.
    • - medicine, etc.

  • Beloved Maclaren Stroller (checked at the gate)

~ Fran W.

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