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Lisa P.

An average Midwesterner, Lisa has traveled without kids to Europe and Canada. With children, she remains firmly planted in the tri-state area. She is a stay-at-home mom who never thought she'd be driving a mini-van. She's learned to never say never.

Stephanie I.

Stephanie currently lives in Puerto Rico with her husband and two children - E, age 3, and F, < 1.

Emily C.

Emily is a marketing professional who is enjoying an extra long off-ramping experience in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Erika S.

Erika S lives on the east coast with two darling children, an ever-game husband, a hold-down-the-fort mother-in-law and a quite worthless, but sweet dog.  Her favorite thing is seeing new places.

Traveling Companions

Sarah B.

Our expat family consists of two adults, one six year-old boy, one four year-old girl, and various animals (who don’t travel with us on vacations, but really should qualify for their own frequent flier
miles). The children did not live in the US until this year and the standard question when we said we were going somewhere, was, “How many planes?” We made it a practice to return to the US once a year, usually
either dropping the kids off for a month with grandparents, or picking them up afterward. This allowed us to remain on our doctor’s and dentist’s radar, and allowed us to take a vacation (versus visit) trip at another time of the year. We were moving back to the US and wanted to do one more international trip before we got to this hemisphere.
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