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Out of sweet potatoes?  Look for kumara in Auckland - and more alternatives we found while trying to diaper, feed, or placate on the road!

  • Four ways to say Sweet Potato = Kumara (New Zealand & Polynesia); Yam (many regions); Ratala (India); Boniatos (generic Spanish)
  • Desperate for peanut butter?  In Europe (if you're allergy-free), try an alternative - Nutella.  The hazelnut spread tastes like chocolate. You may have a hard time going back.
  • Although certain Aussie friends have offered Vegemite as an alternative to Peanut Butter, I didn't take the bait. Vegemite is yeast extract, while peanut butter is NOT yeast extract. If you are biting into a Vegemite sammich expecting anything but yeast, you are in for a cruel awakening. Granted, those Aussie friends? They think peanut butter is gross and wouldn't trade their vegemite for it any day.

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