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Packing Lists

5-day, 2 city roadtrip (Baltimore & DC)

(2 adults, 1 child, 3 yrs. 2007)

  • Large Rollerboard Suitcase:
    • 8 changes of toddler clothes (only used 5)
    • Toddler rainboots
    • 2 pairs toddler shoes (only used one)
    • 2 toddler pjs (only used one)
    • 5 sets of clothes for each of us. 
    • 1 pair of city boots - forgot to pack walking shoes and paid for it later
    • 1 pair of adult men's everywhere shoes.
    • LL. Bean toiletry travel bag - filled to bursting

  • 1 toddler sleeping bag

  • Large Boat Bag:
    • 3 story books
    • 2 dvds
    • 1 laptop (for playing dvds)
    • holiday and hostess gifts
    • stuffed animal
    • toddler etch-a-sketch
    • monitor
    • winter coats, hats, gloves

  • umbrellas (1 large, 3 person one that stayed in the car and 1 small grab-and-go)

  • Maclaren stroller

  • by the end of the week, we were short on quick-grab snacks and cash.  I wish I'd stopped at a grocery store before coming into DC and bought some sandwich makings.  It would have spared us the Natural History Museum's cafe experience.

~ Fran W.

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