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Raq W.

My husband was born an Army brat, and therefore suffers from the condition known as "global nomadism."  He's congenitally incapable of throwing away a perfectly good box (could be used in the next move) and can't stay in the same ZIP code for more than 2 years without at least one big trip.  I, on the other hand, lived in the same town I was born in for 18 years…but there wasn't much to do there, so my parents always had us on the road.  We got married and joined the Foreign Service, and haven't stopped since.

Our son was born in Athens, Greece.  By the time he was 2, he'd been to 4 countries and spoke bits of 6 languages.  With our friends and family spread all over the world, we will continue to experience the joys and challenges of traveling with a child.

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