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Packing Lists

International Relocation

1 adult, 1 toddler

Your luggage will be lost, so make your carry-on count.

  • Travel documents.  You should carry yours and all the kids'.  Vaccination records should be kept close as well, even though they aren't frequently requested.
  • Important documents should be hand-carried, things like birth and marriage certificates, etc.
  • Clothes (this can be a minimal selection if you can buy new ones easily where you are going)
  • Favorite toys (put one in your carryon)
  • Security blanket and/or lovie (Under no circumstances allow the security personnel at Charles De Gaulle airport to fling the security blanket into the X-Ray machine outside of a bin, where it will get hung up and never be seen again.)
  • Benadryl.
  • Sippy cup
  • Wet ones
  • Diapers and wipes (enough for the trip, extended layovers, and to fill the time before you can get to a grocery after arrival.  You MUST have supplies for the immediate post-landing-increased-pressurization diaper change!)
  • Cheap Chinese toys from the dollar store.  Go for plastic, as it's harder to work in the lead paint, and they hurt less when your kid hurls them at nearby passengers.  Or maybe that's just my kid.  Also, if they get lost en route, who cares?
  • Laptop (with wireless networking capability, headphones and mike.  You can plug in on some planes and anesthetize the kid with movies.  If you are travelling to or from the US and your cellphone won't work where you are headed, put 10 euros into Skype so that you can use your laptop as a phone until you get settled.)
  • Backpack (I choose this over a stroller, because I can't drag my luggage and push a stroller, and because many countries are not stroller friendly)
Either arrange with your rental car company or pickup to have a carseat waiting, or prepare to purchase a carseat shortly after arrival, rather than schlepping a carseat with all the other stuff you'll need.

~ Rachel W.

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