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Mothers' Day PostCard All-In

03 May 2008

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Send TWC a postcard to celebrate Mothers' Day & join the group post! 

Write the card to your favorite mom, child - and join our Flickr group!

or, send your card to info@travelswithchild.org by this Wednesday and we'll take care of the rest.

20% off Kelty Carriers at Amazon

29 Apr 2008

Time to get ready for a summer of traveling with child!  Amazon's annual sale on Kelty carriers is going on now.  It looks like most Kelty products are 20%.

Dalai Lama: Patience in the Air = Mom!

22 Apr 2008

Rock on Dalai Lama! Who last week cited a mom traveling with kids for her patience - in a public speech at the University of Washington.  For more, read this.

Top Five Team Travel Tips Results

03 Apr 2008

Inspired by Raq's post about multi-family/multi-toddler travel - we asked for your best tips for traveling with friends & kids.  Here are the top 5 best tips…  one lucky tipper will receive a piece of coveted TWC gear.

  • Multiplying is easier than Dividing - whether it is toy trucks, curly straws, or snacks, when it comes to distraction aids and food, bring enough for each child to have one… and don't for the love of all that is good ask "ok, who wants the purple one?"

  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat - go over the rules (safety, behavior, etc.) in various ways throughout the trip… and get the parents together to figure out the rules ahead of time.  Don't worry if your kid is the one who forgets or breaks a boundary - just reel them back in and keep going.

  • Ice Cream is Your Friend - at the end of a trip, a celebration can make a huge impact, especially if you can also use it as a means to finish dinner (and - gasp - your conversation) with your (adult) friends at a reasonable pace while your offspring finish their treat. 

  • Dine & Dash (but pay first) - get the bill while everyone is still eating.  Don't wait.  Seriously.  It will take longer for the bill to come, be paid, and come back for whatever signing needs done than it does for the now-bored kneebiters to strip the tablecloth, trip the waitress, and stuff crayons up their noses.

  • Take a break - now and then, take a moment to check something out quietly with your own kid (or another kids in the group, if that's ok).  The downtime keeps everyone chill.

Bonus round extra - if possible: bring a sweeper.  One more adult than there are kids gives you an extra hand for getting food, swapping out duties, and generally finding good places to sit down and rest.  If the sweeper seems to be resting too much, that's a good time to sic the pack on him.

Travel with Children - Lonely Planet Guide

03 Mar 2008

Travel with Children

Lonely Planet
by Cathy Lanigan

There's a reason this book, first published in May 1985, went into its fourth edition in 2002.  It's a great resource.  Especially the first 65 or so pages, and the first appendix, which are pretty much timeless.

Travel with Children is for families who are planning short and long trips, around the worlds, local visits.  It is for families with open minds, special needs, picky eaters, tight schedules, single parents, toddlers, teens - pretty much all of us.  Especially if you have a bent towards finding your own path.  Lonely Planet guides have an angle on travel that encourages a pack-in & pack-out self-reliance, and this guide is no different.  Thoughtful chapters on the basics, like toilets, laundry, documents, and health are intertwined with first-person accounts by family travelers.

The book's "Travel Games" section contains several pages of suggestions for many circumstances, from 'anywhere' and 'museums' to 'waiting' and 'walking'.  Many are excellent for encouraging kids to really see their surroundings.

All-in-all, a good general resource and prep book.  Possibly a little long-in-the-tooth as far as the internet resources, and I'd rely on more updated guides as well - though, as the Washington Post reported in February, you can now go to Lonely Planet and download "Pick & Mix" chapters to your PDA.  Cannot wait to try that out.
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