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Re: Digital Distractions - iPhone Apps

These are the ones I particularly like:

-- "Wheels on the Bus," 99 cents. Everyone raves about this one. When the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish in the song, your toddler can make the wipers swish, swish, swish on the screen.

-- "Preschool Arcade," 99 cents. Pinball for counting practice, a claw-crane for shape matching and a rocket ship for letter recognition.

-- "Peekaboo Barn," $1.99. Touch the barn door and learn animal sounds and names, in English and Spanish.

-- "Toddler Teasers Quizzing," $1.99. Correctly touch the letter B, say, or touch the yellow rainbow stripe and the crowd roars.

-- "First Words: Animals," $1.99. Spell the animal pictured on the screen with letter tiles. Skill level is adjustable.
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