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Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington DC

Each year, the cherry trees on the mall break forth in a riotous beauty that is loved by millions.  And nope, that isn't [...]More

Groovin' In the Garden

Oh what a great way to spend a summer evening - watching a live jazz group whoop it up, while picnicking in the [...]More

Christoph Niemann's "Abstract City"

Yesterday's New York Times opinion page absolutely charmed me, so I'm pushing a post from [...]More

"... you missed it by 3 minutes!"

Remember that great public transportation system I was talking about a while [...]More

Going Public


Deadlines and Decisions

One point of order in our family:  when it comes to finding travel deals, I'm usually the book-buying, link-clicking, early-bird.  My husband seems [...]More

Model Trains at the Morris Arboretum

The G-scale model trains run year-round in the outdoor railway garden at the Morris Arboretum.  They [...]More
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