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What your flight attendants know that you should too, Part 2

media_114;right;thumbHelpful tips from some anonymous friends in the skies - who have, trust us, seen it all. The tips we got for preparation and airport terminal survival were fantastic.  We're looking for how-to-ask-for-help stories next…

A couple of great on-the-plane survival tips:

  • After boarding, and before takeoff, avoid letting the kids turn on music, dvds or anything electronic. This way they won't be upset when they have to turn them off until it is safe to turn them on in the air.

  • Sit the children, if possible, next to the window and not the aisle.  It gives them a great view, and keeps their extremities out of the aisle when we are coming through with the galley cart, especially because many smaller kids fall asleep during flight, and we avoid bothering them.

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