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The Better Part of Valor

My plan for this weekend was to go to The Mall to the Smithsonian Kite Festival.  The folks we were going to go with couldn't make it, however, and then I realized that not only was today the Kite Festival (and thus the first day of the National Cherry Blossom Festival), but also the National Marathon and the first game at the new Nationals stadium.

So we went house-shopping instead.

I used to be really into the big downtown DC crowd scenes, but not with a kid and not with the lack of energy I have as an overworked middle-aged mom.  Instead we drove around suburbia, with the kid happily pointing out all manner of vehicles (and mailboxes.  He has a thing about mailboxes).  He loved it.  He's just a fiend for seeing new stuff and watching from a car, and he loves that he knows stuff now.

This didn't get us any farther in our potty-training goals, however.

"... you missed it by 3 minutes!"

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I'd been wanting to take the kid (or, to be more honest, I'd been wanting to go) to the new playground park in Fairfax,


Team Toddler

Fran and her family graciously treated us to a day at the National Aquarium in Baltimore for our birthdays.  TWC has


Livingston, the friendly ghost...

This weekend, we stayed at the veritable Admiral Fell Inn in Baltimore. Among its many charms, [...]More

A Room with a View... of the Kitchen

Traveling with all the kid gear is tough enough.  Finding a quick, affordable solution to jet-lagged hunger - especially with multiple appetites - is [...]More

Lunch with the Elephants

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How to have a chic urban brunch


It's Not You, It's Your Airline: Flight Leader From Hell

Made it.  Something more than 20.5 hours, all told, but made it.  The child was actually really good, except for a


Polar Bear Cave, Butterfly Hothouse

Latitude: 39 degrees north. Population: 3 toddlers making like mad penguins.

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Travels Without Child

For the first time in about three years, I breezed through security, got to my gate with no headache or backache, got myself a


March Madness

We are all going stir crazy, so now that I'm thinking about things to do in March, my main criterion is "Must Be Outside."
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