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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Snow Days

We didn't go anywhere during Snowpocalypse '10.  Like, not even to the back yard.  The snow is over M's head in places.  We attempting some sledding, but no go.

So here's my tip for Not Traveling with a child, and yet not just plugging that child into the TV for 10 straight days of stir-craziness:  Prezzies!

At Christmas, as usual, M received far more gifts than he could play with, let alone remember. So we confiscated about 1/3 of them, and stored them away for a rainy day.  This counted.  Some were small (Matchbox cars, new Thomas-the-Tank-engine vehicles), some were big (a kid-sized art table and easel), and some were of course electronic (a plug-and-play set of Star-Wars-themed video games).  We doled them out with little fanfare, and in no apparent pattern; after all, we don't want him to start believing that every day should start with the gift of a new toy, but when he'd hit the absolute depths of boredom, or when we needed a few minutes of sanity-repairing adult time, hey, new stuff to play with!

We also

Saturday, 06 February 2010

How To Ride Out A Winter Storm in Style

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We had a family getaway planned; it was going to snow at home, as well as at the getaway location (the veritable Congress Hall [we wrote about their sister motel, the Star, two years ago].); the room was prepaid.  So we kept our reservation. We arrived late Thursday evening and settled in to our cozy room on the fourth floor of the Victorian-era hotel, anticipating our view of the ocean the next morning.  We may have thought smugly, "What could possibly go wrong?"

So glad you
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