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Tuesday, 07 July 2009

Beach Bum

In some ways, last week was not our first trip to the beach.  We went to several beaches in Greece.  They all looked like this:

So after moving to the US, we didn't make a big effort to get to the beach.  Partially that's because it *IS* a big effort.  Unlike any beachy place I've lived before, we would have to drive for at least 3 hours, thus find a place to stay, etc…and we justified that by pointing out how much the kid hated being anywhere near ocean.

I'm not sure why he did.  Maybe he was just too young and would get overstimulated.  Maybe it was the lack of sand (the beach in the photo is lava rock).  Maybe it was the lack of friends.  Mostly I think he was scared of the enormity and sound of the ocean.

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