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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Weekend in Lancaster, PA

We arrived in western Pennsylvania in dark of night, following a late departure from home.  Our base of operations for the weekend was Olde Fogey Farm, a small family farm and quirky B&B by the roadside to the west of Lancaster, tucked between sweeping acreages and rolling hills.  The attraction? Chores. 


Olde Fogey Farm, run by Tom and Biz Fogey, encourages its pint-size boarders to rise with the sun and feed pigs, cows, chickens, and goats.  This, for two four-year-old city slickers?  Pure heaven, as long as the big Tom Turkey kept its distance.

The Farm has much to recommend a good bit of hanging out - including a coop-sized playhouse, a stream, and - did I mention?  Barnyard animals.  (There's also an on-call masseuse, for those parents so disposed.)  In addition, it is not too far from the major towns of Amish Country - Bird in Hand, Lancaster City, Strasburg, and more. 

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