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Monday, 23 February 2009

How to Safety Hack a Hotel Room

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Before I started traveling with my toddler I scoured the internet for tips as to how to ease traveling.  Now that I have traveled to Asia, Europe and several American cities with my son, who is under 3, I have realized many of the tips weren’t useful.  The main pieces of advice about hotels rooms were to remove breakables and to tape over outlets.  First, most hotel rooms don’t feature many breakables.  Generally they are filled with items that are perfect for breaking your child, like glass topped coffee tables and unstable chairs.  Second, I have never been a hotel rooms that has featured an empty electrical plug.  By the time I have plugged in the mobile phones, cameras, and lap tops, I have typically run out of plugs.  In fact in most rooms I really need a powerstrip rather than outlet covers.  However, I have discovered that there are a few strategies to securing a

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