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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Brooklyn Children's Museum

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The first weekend the new Brooklyn Children's Museum opened, we called our neighbors up (their son is just 4 weeks younger than D) and both families headed over to check it out.  From where we live, it's either a 5 minute car trip or 4 subway stops, and HOLY COW, it's great.

I'm honestly not sure how educational any of it is, because the only part really worth taking a 17-month old to is the Totally Tots area that is specifically set up for the 5 and under crowd.   There are vague obligatory nods to teaching concepts in this [...]More

Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Of Corn Mazes and Lessons Learned

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in the corn maze
For a number of reasons a few weeks ago, I found myself the sole adult in an unexpectedly long, twisting, and narrow corn maze with seven toddlers.  First, in my defense - and that of our friends, who are the rightful herders of several of the toddlers - the maze had been advertised as a "tunnel" and didn't look long at all.  It didn't look long because it was folded in and around itself much like a MAZE.

Should you find yourself in such a position, yelling "wait!" like a fool while picking corn stalks out of your hair, (while the rest of the responsible adults are either laughing themselves silly [...]More
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