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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

On the Road with the Fuzzy Bunny

A huge welcome to another new TWC guest guide, Emily C.! 

The question was whether to drive or fly.  We were going on our first beach trip somewhere 14 hours away from where we had just moved, and the spouse was going to finish out the workweek and fly up on his own.  The Fuzzy Bunny (my daughter, S, has very little hair) and I were going to go ahead of him.  As I thought of all the stuff I/she would need, including a car seat, a portable crib, the idea of driving seemed much more desirable.
If you too are planning a solo car trip with a baby under a year old, you can pack all the other things that you need from day to day, but you must have a favorite CD for child and adult amusement that can just live in your CD player.  You know the one.  You probably have it and can name it already.  Why not a download on your iPod?  Have you ever tried to find an album on your iPod

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Little Renaissance Man

The Maryland Renaissance Festival has started, and runs from now until mid-October.  23-24 August is Children's Weekend, which basically means that kids get in free and there's a Princess and Pirate Party…but any weekend at the RenFaire is a princess and pirate party for kids.

Optimal age is 4 or over; littler kids will get tired and bored and cranky, and while it's possible to push a stroller around the grounds, it's not easy.  (Plus it really ruins my period costume.)  Kids want to be up in all the cool stuff, so taking a child is a neat way to see the fair.
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