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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Ya Dig?

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Come June, and on through September, an odd thing happens along the shoreline of the more family oriented beaches of the eastern United States: the shovels come out.

I'm not talking about the plastic shovels oh-so-conveniently placed by the checkout at the supermarket either.  I'm talking garden-variety shovels, possibly even a few industrial spades.

We've been going to the beach for a long time and we spaced this phenomenon until we had a child.  Then it became apparent that we lacked some gene, or drive, or something.  Because we let her dig her own holes.  It's a big sandbox, and what better way to pass the lazy days than [...]More

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

made in the shade part 2

With the paid-ahead umbrella setup, there's another bonus. No need to stake a primo spot on the sand. Already done for you. WIN.

The cost for an all-week setup of, say, five chairs and two umbrellas will vary by beach. It is a lot more than the cost of chairs and umbrellas but, given the number of umbrellas going tumbleweed down the Rehoboth beach in a breezy June week? Totally worth the $20 or so a day.

The umbrella rental staff seem to be a race of teen boys, which means they can get distracted by various things ( namely teen girls ), so things aren't always as you asked for them. Keeping it nice, but reminding them that you are a return, weekly customer helps. Tipping does too if you can swing it.

Another thing we do to make beach time go smoothly is bringing a napping tent. It is SPF 50 and big enough to fit a couple of kids. Though doing so rarely results in a nap.

We bring a cooler with drinks and sammiches too. What we save on hotdogs, burgers, and drinks helps offset the daily cost of the umbrellas and [...]More

Sunday, 22 June 2008

...moms like ice cream too

There are 50 gazillion places to get ice cream in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. You know your way around if you skip all the bright lights and fancy sprinkles and head directly for Royal Treat 1 block south of Rehoboth Avenue.

My mom and I piled her into the Big Red Wagon and walked through heavy Saturday evening crowds to get there. Just past the avenue, the crowds thinned. Except for the line snaking its way out of Royal Treat.

Another piece of local Rehoboth knowledge: Royal Treat is smart and has 6 professional ice-cream slingers behind the counter. That line moves Fast. Within 3 minutes she had a big scoop of Rainbow ice cream and even bigger eyes.

We sat outside in the fading light and let her try our sherbet and peppermint stick in quick rotation with hers. Then we walked back home along the boardwalk. Passing the bandstand on the avenue, the band sounded like P-funk but looked like The Allman Brothers. No one I was with understood how very strange that was.

It is harder for a kid to fall asleep in a big red wagon, while holding an ice cream cone than [...]More

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Because Dads Like Ice Cream

I'm sure it's coincidence that we never stray far from a great ice cream shop. Our favorites currently are in Baltimore (Pitango, which has the greatest pistachio gelato anywhere),  Philadelphia (Brendenbeck's - a great stop in a Chestnut Hill neighborhood stroll; and the Franklin Fountain); and Bethany (though her godfather is going to have to remind me of the name because he Knows Everything About Rehoboth/Bethany).

What about you?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Made in the Shade, part 1

Which sounds better to you?

  • 1 adult, hauling 13 pounds of towels, chairs, umbrellas, beach bags, shovels, buckets, kites, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, juice, spare clothes, and a beach book (which she hasn't read more than 10 pages of since becoming a mother) across the hot and shifty sands of an Atlantic Coast beach, while herding a precocious toddler in front of her ….

- or -

  • 1 adult, carrying a single beach bag in one hand, holding the toddler's hand in the other, gliding across the silken sand while being fanned and spritzed with cool mist, thinner than she was in college.

Yeah, me too.  Ok, mostly that's on target, if you are planning a couple days at the beach and feel like doing what we do - renting umbrellas and chairs for the week and letting the beach shack attendants set them up for you.

It saves a heap of hassle - and I am forever grateful to her godparents for setting the good example in Rehoboth.  We've done it every year since, and it is well worth budgeting for.  Additionally?  Your spot on [...]More
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