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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Baltimore is for Babies

Those of you who live near or visit Baltimore's waterfront neighborhoods know how lucky you are.   Especially those of you who have kids.

What better way to spend a morning than to walk along the waterfront walkway, possibly stopping by the National Aquarium for some dolphin time, then slipping into the Maryland Science Center in the Inner Harbor and heading straight for the best kept secret for kids in all of Maryland - the 3rd floor children's room.  Water tables.  Pneumatic tubes for sending secret messages.  Microscopes.  Trains.  A soft play area for babies.  Enough said.

making rain sticks at Patterson Park

How could you not love the Tiny Tot Safaris in Patterson Park, the fact that most major museums (the Walters [...]More

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Barnes Foundation Eye-Spy

It was just 10 minutes. For the rest of the morning, one of us played outside with her, while the other took a close friend through the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA,

but maybe she'll remember walking into the center gallery, with Matisse's mural arching overhead, and maybe she'll remember being surrounded by masterworks of every size:

"See the paintings?" I whisper.


"Can you find the swan?"

Looks around. "It's over there!" She sort-of-whispers, drawing amused looks from the other patrons. Pointing at Cezanne's Leda and the Swan.

"What about the bull?"

Looks around again. "There!" Right in front of her - a giant Picasso in rich reds and browns.

A few more minutes of that and she was outside, racing around the gardens with one parent and then the other. Much to the gratitude of the museum staff and guests, I'm sure. And maybe she won't remember, except when she [...]More
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