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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Groovin' In the Garden

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Oh what a great way to spend a summer evening - watching a live jazz group whoop it up, while picnicking in the Morris Arboretum - or any local outdoor greenspace for that matter.

The genius of the Morris is (1) their wide open concert grounds - where plenty of kids can run around, while still remaining within view of parents and (2) their expert sound system, where people who don't have kids can still enjoy the music.

Concerts - the last one of the season is next week - start at 7pm;  getting there [...]More

Monday, 07 July 2008

Clearwater Festival 2008

I offer this advice as a cautionary tale - when thinking of heading out for an all-day outdoor folk music festival with a toddler, take the weather reports seriously.  But if, as I did, you say to yourself "what's a little rain?" and head out to Croton-on-Hudson for the Great Hudson River Revival with clouds looming ominously overhead, here are a few things I wish I'd done:

1 - Bring something waterproof to sit on.  Because if all you have with you is a picnic blanket, you won't be able to sit down while you're listening to Pete Seeger in the rain, and your toddler will go completely stir-crazy and start banging his head into your neck from his relatively comfortable (and dry) position in the Ergo backpack you wisely decided to wear.

2 - Pack the spare set of clothing in a ziplock bag.  Because if you just leave them loose in the bottom of your canvas tote bag, they will get soaked along with everything else and there will have been no point in bringing them along in the [...]More

Friday, 04 July 2008

Rockets' Red Glare

One thing about living in the DC area is that we have many options for excellent fireworks shows on July 4th.  No matter where we are, it seems that we are always able to see at least one show without even leaving our house.

Which can be a problem if you are a 3 year old who has recently become afraid of thunder and lightning and any similar explosion.

With that in mind, we scheduled a limited time (one hour) at our local township.  We strolled through the arts and crafts fair, got fair food (corn dogs) for dinner, attended a musical performance, and retreated early.  The 3 year old was plenty happy to wave his little flag and watch the street entertainment, and as much as his mom loves fireworks, she knows we can wait for another year.

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Christoph Niemann's "Abstract City"

Yesterday's New York Times opinion page absolutely charmed me, so I'm pushing a post from the beach to make room for this illustrated look at one family's relationship to with the NYC Subway System. 


Sunday, 29 June 2008

Ya Dig?

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Come June, and on through September, an odd thing happens along the shoreline of the more family oriented beaches of the eastern United States: the shovels come out.

I'm not talking about the plastic shovels oh-so-conveniently placed by the checkout at the supermarket either.  I'm talking garden-variety shovels, possibly even a few industrial spades.

We've been going to the beach for a long time and we spaced this phenomenon until we had a child.  Then it became apparent that we lacked some gene, or drive, or something.  Because we let her dig her own holes.  It's a big sandbox, and what better way to pass the lazy days than [...]More
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