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Tuesday, 07 July 2009

Beach Bum

In some ways, last week was not our first trip to the beach.  We went to several beaches in Greece.  They all looked like this:

So after moving to the US, we didn't make a big effort to get to the beach.  Partially that's because it *IS* a big effort.  Unlike any beachy place I've lived before, we would have to drive for at least 3 hours, thus find a place to stay, etc…and we justified that by pointing out how much the kid hated being anywhere near ocean.

I'm not sure why he did.  Maybe he was just too young and would get overstimulated.  Maybe it was the lack of sand (the beach in the photo is lava rock).  Maybe it was the lack of friends.  Mostly I think he was scared of the enormity and sound of the ocean.

Last week we accepted Fran's invitation and [...]More

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Wheels on the Bike

This morning, after several days at the beach jumping in the surf, we did something new - rented bikes.  Our daughter is old enough to balance on an attached bike and even help pedal, so we dropped by Bob's Bike Rentals in Rehoboth Delaware, picked up a helmet and some bikes and were pointed in the direction of Cape Henlopen State Park.  Getting there is an easy ride - and taking the bike path around Gordon's pond is a must.

This was tons of fun - and the first family bike ride, believe it or not.  Though it won't be the last.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Digital Distractions - iPhone Apps

We were helping a friend move last week and there was a lull right near the corner of dinnertime and "I'm Tired & Bored"… but the car keys and the money to pay the pizza gods were in my husband's pockets, and he was busy carrying a mattress down three flights of stairs, 10 miles away.


I have an iPhone.  I love it, yes I do. Yes, I do let her play with it, but we have some rules about how to handle it (gently and with mom or dad standing by) and how to give it back (early & often) that are mostly followed.  Yes, I hover.  But it's my lifeline to a lot of things.  This night, it was my lifeline to calmly getting us to dinner with the rest of the moving team. 

A while ago, I downloaded an ocarina for my iPhone (and yes, a lightsaber. Hush.) - but it's hard for her to play and the proximity of the microphone to the power-port makes me think that 4-year olds weren't what they had in mind for that one.

I didn't know what [...]More

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Weekend in Lancaster, PA

We arrived in western Pennsylvania in dark of night, following a late departure from home.  Our base of operations for the weekend was Olde Fogey Farm, a small family farm and quirky B&B by the roadside to the west of Lancaster, tucked between sweeping acreages and rolling hills.  The attraction? Chores. 


Olde Fogey Farm, run by Tom and Biz Fogey, encourages its pint-size boarders to rise with the sun and feed pigs, cows, chickens, and goats.  This, for two four-year-old city slickers?  Pure heaven, as long as the big Tom Turkey kept its distance.

The Farm has much to recommend a good bit of hanging out - including a coop-sized playhouse, a stream, and - did I mention?  Barnyard animals.  (There's also an on-call masseuse, for those parents so disposed.)  In addition, it is not too far from the major towns of Amish Country - Bird in Hand, Lancaster City, Strasburg, and more. 

We went with our friends ( [...]More

Sunday, 05 April 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington DC

Click on image for a larger version
Each year, the cherry trees on the mall break forth in a riotous beauty that is loved by millions.  And nope, that isn't a photo from the weekend-long celebration of pink blossoms and asian culture that filled the DC Mall this weekend.

That is a photo from Burke Lake Park, miles and miles away in Northern Virginia.  There are several reasons for this.

Reason the First: we arrived at the Fairfax Metro Stop at 10:30 am, figuring we'd get there whenever, we wouldn't stress about missing the parade that started at 11, and maybe we'd [...]More
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