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Monday, 26 July 2010

Delaware & Raritan Canal Towpath

It's a bit of an understatement that it's been hot lately.  Even so, we have found some good, cool(er), mostly shady places to bike - and the Delaware & Raritan Canal Towpath is the latest and greatest.  

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To get there, we drove to Washington Crossing State Park in New Jersey, following the directions of the nice Short Bike Rides Around Philly book that we picked up a few months ago.  There's parking on both the

Friday, 18 June 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Bring Extra Socks to A Ballgame

Ah, boys of summer.  Ok you're all pretty adorable.  Especially when you do that home-run thing.  Our first professional baseball game with our daughter was a home-run bordered slapfest… so much better than my first game (a no-hitter… fantastic achievement, but really boring by kid-standards). But this post isn't about baseball.  It's about what happens to your kid after four or five innings of happily watching other people play games, as afternoon heads for dusk.  All hail the funzone area in the lower level of the park.  

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Friday, 04 June 2010

Bike Rrride!

So last weekend, early morning's minion (aka, our daughter) woke us before it got too hot, and we set off for a leisurely ride along the Wissahickon River, near the Valley Green Inn.  For those not familiar, the Valley Green Inn is a lovely restaurant located on the old post road to Philadelphia, from when the post was delivered on horseback.  The historic building's current occupants serve lovely brunches, and had the wisdom to attach a small snack shop next door filled with food that hikers and bike riders enjoy.  For there are many who hit this trail when the weather gets nice.  Why?  It's tree-lined, wide, and great exercise.  The river rolls past at a great clip, and - most importantly - there are no cars.  You'll see bikers, hikers, joggers, and the occasional equestrian on this ride.  

We'd ridden portions of the path, called Forbidden Drive (because cars are forbidden) with the afterburner trailer bike last year and earlier this spring, and thought we'd ride down to the

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Yes, really. Bowling.

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Ok so this is not officially a travel post, but it still ranks as a Thing To Do, wherever you are - in much of the United States at least.  A pretty good Thing To Do, actually, no matter how much I might have despised it growing up.

There are a few reasons why we took our daughter bowling the first time - primarily, it was the only thing open, aside from the coffee shop, that didn't involve a truck-stop or an all-night diner.  Have I mentioned she wakes up early?  Ahuh.  Bowling doesn't require that many active brain cells either - wait, hold your emails - lots of [...]More

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Snow Days

We didn't go anywhere during Snowpocalypse '10.  Like, not even to the back yard.  The snow is over M's head in places.  We attempting some sledding, but no go.

So here's my tip for Not Traveling with a child, and yet not just plugging that child into the TV for 10 straight days of stir-craziness:  Prezzies!

At Christmas, as usual, M received far more gifts than he could play with, let alone remember. So we confiscated about 1/3 of them, and stored them away for a rainy day.  This counted.  Some were small (Matchbox cars, new Thomas-the-Tank-engine vehicles), some were big (a kid-sized art table and easel), and some were of course electronic (a plug-and-play set of Star-Wars-themed video games).  We doled them out with little fanfare, and in no apparent pattern; after all, we don't want him to start believing that every day should start with the gift of a new toy, but when he'd hit the absolute depths of boredom, or when we needed a few minutes of sanity-repairing adult time, hey, new stuff to play with!

We also
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