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Tuesday, 08 April 2008


I’ve driven past this place pretty much every day for years, and never knew it was there.  Funny how that can still happen.

Near where we live is a cluster of tiny houses.  To get to them, you have to take a series of small suburban streets until the road ends at a chained-off drive.  We got out and walked around the chain, but I understand that local teens drive around it to go parking in this place. 

It's private land, and I do not condone trespassing, but I really wish it could somehow be preserved as a secret little retreat for the public.  What is it?  Little houses, in sort of hacienda style, dotted here and there in the second-growth woods.  They are sized just right for children and are overgrown with vines and dogwood and nestled in among tall trees.  It's a fairy tale ghost town, Hansel and Gretel's witch's cottage centuries after they cooked her.

One of the many rumors is that a circus built them as housing for the Little People who worked in the circus.  That is apparently a fiction; they were part of the farm that the street its name, and functioned as produce stands at the farm market.  A tiny part of the farm is still there, but it's been boxed in and taken over by decades of suburbia.

Whatever it really was, Midgetville is a cool and unexpected place, like a toy in a box of cereal.  It’s slated to be torn down so that McMansions can be built there.  Because, hey, it’s not like there are 800,000 houses on the market here now that no one can afford.

No room for whimsy or imagination in today’s world.  Which is why I did a bad thing and took my son trespassing into the woods.

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