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Thursday, 27 March 2008


I'd been wanting to take the kid (or, to be more honest, I'd been wanting to go) to the new playground park in Fairfax, VA, called Clemyjontri, for about a year.  One of our friends took her kids, and they couldn't stop talking about it, so I used that and my son's birthdays as excuses, and suggested all the boys meet up for a playdate at the park.

Which is pretty awesome.  It's a county park, but was privately funded in order to provide a playground for disabled children.  As a result it is quite lovely and manicured, with lots of open space.  My son could have spent 8 hours just playing on the one slides-and-climbing unit.  Several of the swingsets were designed so that wheelchair-bound children could use them (modified swings with straps, etc), and the carousel had a large percentage of non-mobile horses and a few wheelchair cars - and was in plane with the floor.

It was really cold and REALLY windy, and there were only a few other kids there (none with obvious disabilities), so I still don't know what that interaction will be like.  My son used to see wheelchairs and say "Look!  That's cool!"  Last time he saw a person in a wheelchair he said, "What's that man?"  So while it could be embarrassing for me, I think it would be a good social learning experience for the kids.  As long as my 3-year-old doesn't shove someone on crutches over in his race for the airplane toys.

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