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Monday, 03 March 2008

Travels Without Child

For the first time in about three years, I breezed through security, got to my gate with no headache or backache, got myself a treat from Starbucks, and read peacefully until I boarded. On the plane, I ate my box snack at a leisurely pace, read, and watched the inflight movie.

And I’m sad.

Since my son was born, I’ve made 3 trips without him – two trips were single nights away, and this is the third trip. I’ll be in San Diego for a week. As much as I’m looking forward to a massage from the hotel spa, wandering the Gaslamp District on an adult’s schedule, and not having to engage in a battle royale in order to stake out my own corner of the hotel bed, I’m sad.

I’ve been on an aircraft carrier, and it did nothing for me, but I’d happily tour the Midway to see it through my son’s eyes, and hear his father (who knows about these things) name the various parts of the ship for him. Heck, I’d even arrange for us to spend the night on the Midway.

My massage could be postsponed in order to splash around with my son in the hotel pool. Even my husband, who avoids being immersed in water if possible, can’t resist the giggles of pure glee when the kid gets to swim.

As charming as the Gaslamp District is, I’d pass on sipping a drink at a café table to ride the trolley with my train-crazed child, go to the Santa Fe train station, and then take and harbor cruise. Not to mention my unabashed use of the child as an excuse to spend time at the San Diego Zoo.

Alas, this is a business trip, and the best I’ll be able to do is skype the guys back home to make sure they aren’t binging on delivery pizza and video games. I know I should relish the freedom of only having one carry-on instead of 5 and no need for emergency diaper changes, but I keep thinking of something a wise friend once told me: "In your arms, your arms ache; out of your arms, your heart aches.”

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