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Friday, 07 March 2008

How to have a chic urban brunch

  1. large round table, centrally located (don't hide in the corner - you're chic!)
  2. circular, padded banquette seat, upholstered in bulletproof yet fashionable fabric, plus one extra chair
  3. enough ambient noise that no one notices a little extra of the high-pitched variety
  4. parent-to-child ratio: 4:3 minimum
  5. enormous, eye-catching modernist chandelier, with multi-colored globes at different heights
  6. pancakes, mac-n-cheese (correction - lobster mac-n-cheese - YUM), and french fries on the menu, next to the pan-asian salad and the soba
  7. quick ordering skills
  8. even faster server skills (you guys rocked Sunday, Continental Mid-town!)
  9. one small coloring book, to tear out pages and hand them around
  10. three crayons
  11. 22 napkins (for me, because I was the one who spilled my water. doh!)
  12. drinks for the table next to us
  13. a park 1 block away.
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