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Wednesday, 09 January 2008

How We Roll

A 3-hour in-car time limit is, for us, only part of the driving ritual on long trips. (After 3 hours, we have to stop and run around like madmen in order to keep from exploding.) The other is singing. 

We sing to avoid boredom-related screaming.  We sing to keep ourselves from torturing the dog, who is trying to sleep with its head out the window.  Mostly, we sing variations on Old MacDonald, Itsy-Bitsy-Spider, and so on.  Variations where parts of her life get woven into the song, or MacDonald's farm becomes a duel to make the other person do impressions of improbable barnyard animals like a lemur, a giraffe, or a box of socks. 

As backup, we have some kids' music, and some really strange "traditional children's stories" that I downloaded to our iPod. These are good in a pinch.  But what really keeps us rolling was a total surprise.  One particularly drawn-out trip, complete with traffic-jam, I was tired of the dog getting poked and picking cheerios out of my hair.  So I flipped to a song she'd never heard before, but that, as she had kept us awake the night before, seemed fitting.  For me, anyway.

The Faders' "No Sleep Tonight."

I look back and she's kicking her feet and pumping her fists, and -sweartogod- flipping her hair around like an 80s coverband.  "What is this?" she asks.  "Road trip music!" I yell back and start to do the same.  She loved it.  And now it's on at least once every trip.  Just so you know if you see us driving -  I'm sure we're an eyeful.
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