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Monday, 31 December 2007

Pandas at the National Zoo

Washington DC's National Zoo is free, though parking can be both expensive and frustrating. When we visited, several lots were closed, but we were able to find parking on a side street and walked across the bridge to the entrance.

We breezed past the attractions, waving off the rest of the exhibits (for now, we'll be back). We were on a mission. The layout of the zoo includes a steep hill, so we were glad that we brought the stroller.

Thanks to a brilliant insider tip, we arrived at the National Zoo a little before feeding time, around 3:30pm, and both giant pandas were up and about. Out of the stroller, perched on her dad's shoulders, she pointed and pouted when Tian walked back to his indoor area. And then she started to whisper: "Panda! Panda! Whoo-hoo!" And he came back, almost to the edge of his territory. We stood there for a long time, the people and the panda, watching each other.
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