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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Gotta Go Now!

One moment, you are strolling down a quaint cobblestone street.  The next, you are yanking at a locked door and begging for divine intervention.  Or a lock pick.  Something, anything.

The fragile weeks after becoming  - woo-hoo! - potty trained! are times when adventurous moms and dads scope out likely nearby restrooms with the same focus as international double-agents looking for back exits and escape routes.  You can prepare all you want; have doubles of everything in the backpack; say it's time to go potty! in your cheeriest voice every hour on the hour, but still you will find yourself caught out at least once… rushing through a busy coffee shop (sorry Starbucks people) chanting "you can do it! Just a little while longer!" and arriving at breakneck speed before a door where the 'Occupied' sign is halfway turned.  Wearing every single layer of winter clothes you and she own. 

#@$$#@!!! - this Starbucks has single-rooms, not stalls!  And just how long can one person take in the bathroom?  Come on lady -  I say to the door, under my breath.  Maybe no one's really in there.  It feels locked, maybe?  Shaking the handle just a little elicits the standard high pitched protest from within. Chagrin.  Back to "you can do it honey! Just a little while!" but her face is starting to get that look.  Oh no.  Oh lordy. 

Just then, the other bathroom opens. We throw ourselves towards the door, grabbing paper sanitary covers and trying not to take in the details of - yes, the men's room, I do not care any more (and I repeat, how long can one person take in the bathroom lady?!) - and phew! We made it!

Coffee shops like Starbucks (which are notoriously plentiful in most major cities) and chain bookstores, hotels, museums (if you're already inside), and larger stores are good bets if you're caught out.  If you want to plan ahead - there is a bathroom search (with reviews) online at http://www.thebathroomdiaries.com/search.html.

You can also search on a handheld phone - http://www.vindigo.com/ allows you to load up the Bathroom Diaries and keep it on hand for   those unexpected moments.  As long as you can type with one hand,  hold onto a toddler with the other, run, and chant - all at the same time.
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