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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Bring Extra Socks to A Ballgame

Ah, boys of summer.  Ok you're all pretty adorable.  Especially when you do that home-run thing.  Our first professional baseball game with our daughter was a home-run bordered slapfest… so much better than my first game (a no-hitter… fantastic achievement, but really boring by kid-standards). But this post isn't about baseball.  It's about what happens to your kid after four or five innings of happily watching other people play games, as afternoon heads for dusk.  All hail the funzone area in the lower level of the park.  

Click on image for a larger version
Click on image for a larger version

We headed down the outside ramps, towards the noise of many other children who had the same idea - climbing through the enclosed maze of ladders, bridges, boxes and poles was much better than sitting in a seat.  At least temporarily.  The funzone was packed with kids, and had a fair number of watchful parents stationed by the gate and near the screen that was showing the game still going on.  The area's well planned, if a little tough for kid-spotting once they're cut loose.  There's only one way in and out, and there is a funzone staff person stationed nearby, in case of questions or total abdication of the posted rules.

One of the rules, of course, is the no-shoes rule.  Which brings me to the top-ten reasons for bringing extra socks to the ballpark.  

Reasons 1-10: packing a pair of socks means you're prepared when your kid wants to head for the funzone, and not picturing All The Gross that their bare feet (and 10 adorable toes) could pick up while they're in there. 

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