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Thursday, 06 November 2008

Of Corn Mazes and Lessons Learned

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in the corn maze
Click on image for a larger version
in the corn maze
For a number of reasons a few weeks ago, I found myself the sole adult in an unexpectedly long, twisting, and narrow corn maze with seven toddlers.  First, in my defense - and that of our friends, who are the rightful herders of several of the toddlers - the maze had been advertised as a "tunnel" and didn't look long at all.  It didn't look long because it was folded in and around itself much like a MAZE.

Should you find yourself in such a position, yelling "wait!" like a fool while picking corn stalks out of your hair, (while the rest of the responsible adults are either laughing themselves silly a few dozen feet away or booking a quick table for five at a local fine dining establishment) please remember several things:

  1. Toddlers like to hold hands. 
  2. They like to run. Which is slowed somewhat by the holding of hands.
  3. If you tell them to wait at the next turn before continuing, they often do - although not always.
  4. Reminding them that they need to wait for the big person, because big people often get disoriented in corn mazes, helps immeasurably.
  5. Do not wait to run after them and herd them back into some semblance of form.  They will not turn back once the Disperse! function has been activated.
  6. The other parents now owe you.  Bigtime.  Especially if you have photos.

This lesson brought to you by the month of October, the fine people at Merrymeade Farms in Valley Forge, PA, and eleven wonderful friends young and old - you know who you are.

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