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Monday, 14 July 2008

Rainy Day Clay

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A discreet yellow sign near the front of Creatable Crafts in Rehoboth Beach says "What if Picasso's mom had touched up his early work?"

The sign was on bright paper, and large, but it was discreet because our eyes were drawn to the wall of jars filled with beads in every color and shape; the shelves lined with unglazed bowls, platters, and pitchers; the glass mosaic supplies; and the colorful examples of potential hung everywhere.  My daughters eyes were the size of one of the $54 Large Chef's Platters, but we decided that an $8 bowl was a little more her style.  That, plus a kid's studio fee, and we were ready to roll. 

It was thundering outside, which was why we weren't on the beach, and our party of three (mom, grandma, toddler) was ready to do some crafty things.  Just then, Creatable's owner stopped by our table and began talking to us, and specifically to my daughter - asking her what colors she liked, and motioning over an assistant to help her select colors that wouldn't turn to a mucky mix when applied one over the other.  Like that, my mother and I became brush-holders and admirers, but my daughter had the palette and (ceramic) canvas entirely to herself.  I loved this - I hate it when I meddle… but, admittedly, the shiny crafts often tempt me to it.  It was clear that I was welcome to make my own work as well - but instead, I sat back and watched her go for it.  The next day, Creatable's philosophy was proven when her bowl and plate came out entirely different than I pictured it, and entirely wonderful. 

That about sums up the philosophy of Creatable's owner - encouraging families who come through the doors of this Rehoboth Ave shop on days both wet and dry to allow everyone to paint their own hearts out… and keep their hands off each others' work. 

At the end of the pottery session, all was fine, and we weren't encroaching on naptime too much… but then grandma and granddaughter spotted the beads again - and we were off to the races once more. This second round proved to be a bit much for our youngest crafter.  But when we look back, or when she asks to dine from "my bowl and plate", it was a rainy afternoon very well spent in Rehoboth.

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