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Sunday, 18 May 2008

A few notes on less being more

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I'll get back to our ongoing love for the nation's zoos later.  What has been recently been brought to my attention is that, given a few fuzzy free-range creatures and a few hours, our toddler can happily run amok with her friends.  A local "farm" (non-working, more a small menagerie, located in the middle of what has become suburbia) drove that point home on Saturday, thanks to some baby goats, chickens, and a very patient pony. 

There were no interactive exhibits; there was no sound and lighting design. This was a barn and several pens in the middle of a field.  There were guides, who oversaw the handling of the animals.  There were a number of parents wielding cameras of all sorts.

There was giggling.  There was dancing to the boom box.  And chasing around/trying to feed hay to all creatures great and small. 

All we had to do was stand back and watch.  And not forget our hay-fever meds.  She's still drawing pictures of the goats, who she has named, but refuses to tell us what.
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