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Monday, 12 May 2008

Wedding Bells

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I think that every Mother's Day since my son was born, he and I have traveled somewhere.  This year our family went to a wedding.  This entailed driving for 4 hours, attending the 30-minute ceremony, chatting over cocktails for 30 minutes, and driving 4 hours back.
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I'm pretty sure that was my son's longest car trip, but he did really well.  I took a tip from TWC author Steph and purchased an iPod Nano, then loaded a couple movies on it.  We didn't use it on the way out, because he was too engrossed in the big trucks and tractors and cows and horses.  It was just the ticket on the way home, though, and my concerns about him constantly mashing the wheel and button were unfounded.

He was also very well behaved at the wedding, but we took precautions:  plenty of walking around before the ceremony (which, thankfully, was outside), several books for the seated part before the entrance of the wedding party, and seats on the outside of the row.

He's still 3 years old, though, so as the bride processed by our row, he turned around and asked me, "Can we go now?"  No one got upset, though, because he was being quite good, and not many parents and grandparents can resist a toddler in a suit and tie.
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