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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Five Works Well For A Ride In The Car (As Long As The Car Ride Isn't Too Far)

Living in New York City, we don't own a car.  The only times we rent one are for traveling, either up or down I-95 to visit relatives, or up to Canada for the summer.  D has no concept of a car ride lasting less than 4 hours.

Nevertheless, since he's in the car so rarely, he's not used to the carseat, and sometimes has trouble falling asleep. 

The best solution to this is to persuade a third adult to ride with us to sit in the back and amuse him while DH and I concentrate on navigating and driving, respectively.  Since this is not always practical, we have turned to audiobooks.

Not, as you might think, audiobooks meant for kids, though we do have a couple of Dr Seuss collections just in case.  But on our last big trip up to Canada, we discovered that the thing which will really knock him out is nonfiction aimed at adults.  While DH and I were immersed in the charming and fascinating The Map That Changed The World, D wanted nothing more than to sleep through the [...]More
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