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Distant Lands

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sticks and Standing Stones

bohonagh%20001s.jpgThese links from our favorite godfather and a good friend in Cork will have us traipsing all over Ireland in search of standing stones, stone crosses, and other wondrous craggy bits.


Three to get ready...

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one more reason to love the ergo baby carrier
Packing for a trip with a kid requires certain paranormal abilities, namely ability to predict the future and ability to bend the space-time continuum in order to fit that last pair of shoes in. Even just getting the three of us ready, there are a number of last minute questions to answer:

  1. Will the ergo baby carrier we loved having with us two years ago in Europe work now, when she's roughly 2x bigger?

  2. Will we

Two For the Show...

When we were last in Baltimore, I stopped by my pal Claudia's store, Amuse Toys, and told her we were about to take a long trip.  Funny, but each time we've been facing a long plane flight, I've turned to Claud for advice - and she always steers me right. 

These include:

  • The small squeeze toys, individually wrapped in lots of paper and ribbon, for our flight to New Zealand when our daughter was 11 months. Good for 20 minutes each of unwrapping, 10 minutes each of playing, and re-wrapping for the return flight.


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

One for the Money...

We have a big trip in our future - to Ireland - and to get ready for it, we're using a lot of web tools.

TravelZoo - I subscribed to their weekly email and we found our trip inspiration in its regularly updated links.  The actual trip deal came from a sharp-eyed someone in my husband's office.  But TravelZoo pointed us in that direction.

iTunes - we made a playlist (actually two - one for the adults, which includes songs by the Pogues and Black 47, and one for the kidlet, which doesn't) of tunes we like by Irish musicians. We play it often, when we're cooking, driving, and sitting around - a lot of the tracks are traditional and some are in Gaelic.  Music is a great way to get into the culture before you go, and our daughter loves to dance around the kitchen to it.  Laura Bond Williams' guestpost over at Family Travel (hi Sheila!) about taking her daughters to China was our inspiration.

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