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Friday, 25 April 2008

Traveling With Two

[Editor's note - A huge welcome to new TWC poster, Stephanie I, who really, really knows how to fly with kids.] 

My son, F, will be three months old later this week.  Since he was born, he has flown three separate times.  He was born in New Mexico, so his first flight was on the way home, when he was three weeks old.  When he was seven weeks, we took a trip to visit family in Minnesota for a few weeks.  The first two days F flew, he went with me, my husband, and our almost three year old daughter, E.  As semi-experienced parents when it comes to traveling, neither of the two trips with my husband worried me that much – after all, there was one of us for each of them.  Still, the trip home from Minnesota was going to be just me, E, and F, and for that one, I was nervous about how the whole thing would go.  Here is what I learned:

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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Great Kids' Fountains in Aachen

It was hot, and we were dressed in our civil-wedding best - the three of us, plus her Opa and Oma (grandma and grandpa) waiting outside Aachen's 14th-century town hall for the bride and groom to emerge.  There was a lunch to come, then a dinner, and a church wedding the next day - all spread around the Rhineland.  This would be our only day in Charlemagne's favorite city… and Opa had a glint in his eye that could only mean one thing: Cathedrals. 

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But he surprised us, possibly because a knee-biter was playing with [...]More
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