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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The Art of Not Waiting (in Line)

In Paris, lines outside the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, and many other sites can be very long, and filled with ire. If you are in that line, with a young child, you know you have a short window of opportunity before someone gets crazy.
Musée d'Orsay

So, do you get to see the Degas, or pass a few quiet moments in the hallway outside of the Mona Lisa's gallery (where there are Quite A Few things to see, besides Herself), or do you have to speed through the visit, head straight for the gift shop, and then find a playground where you can place yourself face down at the base of the slide and let little feet step all over you?

Behold, the wonders of the Paris Museum Pass, which gets you in the door, without [...]More

A Message from Paris

This morning, atop my email stack, I found a friendly bonjour from the Hotels Paris Rive Gauche, with photographs attached.  I hate a lot of the email I receive from stores I've shopped in (Pottery Barn, this means you. … er, But don't stop, please…) and chain hotels I've stayed in for a night.  But this is different - no big sell attached, no Weekend Deals! Just a photographer's view of Paris from the perspective of someone new.  It's a classy way of staying in touch, and, by our experience with the Residence Henri IV, very much par for the course. 

We arrived at the Henri IV near the very end of one of the hottest weeks in Europe in 2006.  We'd been in Germany, for a wedding, and had taken the train from Aachen to Paris. 

The [...]More

Sunday, 21 October 2007

An Ode to my (former) stroller

That first black Maclaren umbrella stroller still gets us all misty-eyed when we think of how well it traveled.

The seat fully reclined - none of the click-strap stuff from later models - and the hood extended way out. Diaper changes - not a problem; it was the perfect place for a pit-stop. Naps in the afternoon? We were free to keep wandering, without disturbing her. Rain? No worries. The clear plastic hood kept her dry while we (sometimes) got soaked. She thought that was hilarious.
Orewa Beach, New Zealand

It opened fast, and folded up with one hand (after reading the manual a couple of times) - so small that we could leave it with the folks at a gate and have it waiting for us the next gate - huzzah.

We test flew with it to Cleveland in 2005, then a month later, packed it with us to [...]More

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Flying to New Zealand on (mostly) Airline Miles: 34 hours

Counting three flights within the US and one international layover in Fiji.

The attendants on Singapore Air were amazingly nice, and we had seats with a bassinet - the only way to fly with an infant.

November 9 will mark the second anniversary of our trip to New Zealand - probably good for a few walks down memory lane.

We will of course toast Aunt Sue and Uncle Chris, whose amazing wedding, and need for a wee flower girl, had us making the flight in the first place. But we are so glad we did.

Even if she cut five teeth in the process.More

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Linvilla Orchards - Apple picking

We wanted to visit one of the local organic farms, but it was Sunday, and most were closed. Instead, we struck out for Media, PA early in the morning.

and spent the day picking apples and touring the Linvilla farm by hay-ride. Really, it's part farm, part country fair. WITH funnel cake.

By noon, the parking lot was jammed, and we had a boxful of apples, a sleepy tot, and two bagfuls of mini pumpkins.

We made it out without buying the Halloween yard sign.More
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