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Friday, 15 February 2008

Toddlers on Ice

My dearest girl: you who skate in your socks on our front hallway floor and run outside after an ice storm to see how far you can skid in your boots.  We took you ice-skating today for the first time. 

For all of three minutes.  Then you discovered that your feet hurt; that it was difficult, cold, and scary; and that there was an ice-hockey foosball table in the snack room.

We'd been thinking of all the great outdoor places there are to skate in the winter in the northeast - Rockefeller Plaza, Penn's Landing in Philly, the seasonal rink by the National Gallery of Art in DC - and I'll admit to visions of you out there, although possibly a bit older, and with a decent pair of skates… not the soulless, edgeless, ankle concrete that we rented today.

Still, this wasn't the worst idea for a daytrip in the books, and it let me test the waters before jumping into those grander, and much more crowded locations.  And, while you were frightened, and decidedly aware that this was nothing like anything you'd ever done before, you also yelled "Let's do that again!  Without the wibble-wobble!" as we hopped off the ice.
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