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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Is Business Class Worth It?

media_114;right;thumbI had the opportunity to fly business class once, with a separate seat for my child.  I imagine this isn't usually an option for most people - I know it's not for me - but I'm here to report back on whether the grass really is greener up toward the front of the plane.

The seats are bigger, and they recline.  And there's more room between them, so your toddler can't reach other people (as easily).  But you can’t put the armrests up, and they are quite wide, so my back was killing me from having to lean over the armrest for 15 hours. 

If you recline the seat to a comfortable level, you can’t leap out of your seat quickly when the toddler takes off or starts emptying the bag of goldfish onto the floor. 

There's a personal entertainment system at every seat (or every pair), but the controller for all the gadgetry was placed where the kid could get to it, and worse, he inadvertently hit it every time he thrashed.  I didn’t even know he’d called the flight attendant. 

You get nice food, they will bring you more if you ask (in theory), and you don't have to eat with your elbows pinned to your side.  But the glass and china is just not a good plan.  Even though my son was asleep while I had lunch, he spasmed and one leg swept my tray table, knocking two plates onto the floor.  When it was his turn to eat, I had to transfer the food to a napkin and hide the china plate until an attendant could collect it.

On the other hand, you can make a pretty good play place on the floor, and it's easier to get into your carryon.

All told, not worth it unless it's not on your dime.

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