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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Five February Possibilities

As the last of the winter months approaches, I find myself making lists of places we could go to shake the blahs without hitting the slopes - maybe this year, maybe next. 

  • mpicf_429885g_r0_429885_1168445024000.jpgQuebec Winter Carnival -  seventeen days of ice-related fun, including a children's village, ice sculptures, horse-drawn carriages and more.  Perhaps enough to make me like February a little more.  The carnival's mascot still creeps me out a little though - too much Smurf meets Pillsbury Dough Boy.

  • Hershey Pennsylvania's Chocolate Covered February - Okay, so the maybe hopping up the tot on kisses and cocoa isn't the wisest, but the home of the Hershey bar has a lot going for it - and, seriously - Chocolate!

  • Chinese New Year Celebration in San Francisco's Chinatown - there are celebrations all over, but this one really seems to have it all.  We might try a smaller one at a local university first, just to make sure the drums and dragons don't completely complicate her, but this is a major way to cast off the winter doldrums.  Early February's Lion Dance at the Asian Art museum looks great too.

Granted, what I really want is warmth, and a lot of it.  So -

  • view.image?id=647Arizona - Phoenix in early February boasts good weather, many outdoor activities (I would love to take a great hike like Raq did while she'll still do the backpack thing) and the Heard Museum hosts the annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest.

    Sedona is also a thought… hmm.  Feeling warmer already.

  • Sanibel Island - A long weekend beachside on the Gulf Coast, with early morning shell-finding, mid-morning castle building, and naptime relaxing.  That could just be the ticket. 
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