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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Winter's Ocean Breeze

 We've done this year after year - picked a weekend in January or February and gone to the beach. 
It's very quiet and, yes, sometimes wickedly cold.  You can get a quaint beach house a couple blocks from the ocean with a fireplace and a kitchen for a reasonable price, and a hotel room for even less.

Plus, there's no bad time for getting sand in your shoes and a nose full of sea air. 

Rehoboth, Delaware is our beach of choice year round.  It has a family-friendly side that sends you back to a different era.  That side would be the Pines area of Rehoboth - where wide streets and older beach cottages abound.
On the beach, the light is amazing. In town, restaurants and shops are open, though the local market, Lingo's, isn't.  And even in January, we've hit more than our fair share of days where we didn't freeze to the sand.  We''ve walked along the boardwalk and down the empty stretch of beach.  We've found her favorite shells in the winter.  We  take our dog with us (ever seen a 14-year-old mixed breed turn into a 6 month old puppy? Go to the beach in winter.) and they play at digging holes and filling them in.  We cocoon up next to the fire and read books, play games, talk, and cook together, without the usual distractions like chores, weekend trips to the hardware store, and the phone. 

And, if we have the inclination after a couple days' quiet reflection, we can hit the outlet stores on our way home and stock up on kids' shoes.  Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.
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