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Thursday, 03 January 2008

The National Mall

Taking a toddler to DC is a challenge - the crowds can be maddening, and many of the displays are too high for them to see on their own (hello upper arm exercise!).
But go early to the museums on the Mall (NMAI, Air & Space, Natural History), miss the crowds, and you'll have time for the best part: cruising the pigeon-chasing child-wearing-out strip of picnic and kite-flying green that is the centerpiece of DC's tourist area.

Along the mall, we checked out the monuments, compared sizes, and found the shapes that made up each structure. She paged through her Clifford goes to Washington book and squealed to see the matching place life-size, and right before her eyes.

And then there's the carousel. We could have stayed there all day, until she had the chance to push her way to the front of the line and ride the dragon.
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