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Monday, 24 December 2007

Longwood Gardens vs. The Grinch

Two days before Christmas and it might never stop raining. 

We were embittered, damp, and filled with the joys of cabin fever.  But then the rain let up long enough for us to wade to the car, and we were off.  Longwood Gardens, in Pennsylvania's Brandywine Valley, was far enough away to dry us out and cheer us up, we thought.

We had to drive through a monsoon to get there, sparking the comment "This is Crazy and Stupid!"  But we kept going.  Bathrooms were mentioned while still driving, prompting cries of "I have to go NOW!" from the backseat.  We kept going.  We were going to see Christmas lights and get some holiday spirit, darnit.

By the time we pulled in, it had stopped raining again, and dusk had fallen. The lights in the trees strengthened everyone's interest in not giving up and turning around.  $16 adult tickets (toddlers enter free) dealt with, we pressed on.  And as we walked, in a surprisingly strong crowd for monsoon season, we felt a little cheerier.

We had dinner at the Terrace Cafeteria, below an upside-down Christmas tree.  It was reasonably priced.  It was good.  We walked over to the Conservatory and entered, just as the clouds burst into rain again.  The sheer size of this space, paired with the number and varieties of flowers, plants, and trees, brought everyone to a 'wow'.  She  pointed to some poinsettias and whispered "they're Pink!" and we were off. 
The lights, the wreaths, the various rooms got up as festive as they could, wandering performers - all of it worked its charms.  She liked the wreath made out of poinesttias, weighing in at 35 lbs., best. My favorite was made completely out of cacti.  Prickly, yet festive.  My feelings exactly.
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