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Thursday, 03 January 2008

Interactive Family Activity Map of Great Britain

We love good maps.  Whether topographical, city, hiking, historical, nautical chart, or hand-drawn by a local on the back of an envelope, the best ones are kept with our photos as a snapshot of a place at the time we were there.

The internet changes the game a little, and enhances it - no more so than with some of our favorite travel-planning maps.
This one, from Britain's Telegraph, allows cross-referencing of region with activity type, cost, and location.  You can drill down further with 'child-friendly', then pick a date range and hit search.  Whammo - you have a map of activities tailored for you - free trying-on of armor and a European Christmas market in Tower Bridge not too far from each other.  Oh, the potential.  Kudos, Telegraph.

Other killer travel planners include newzealand.com's My Travel Planner, which will give you driving times and distances between your selected activities, printable maps, and related info about accommodations and dining.
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